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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by rockgirlCO (3)

Article: Viva Espaņa
I think you should turn this into an article and submit it to Rock and Ice. They'd do a good job with the photos and it'd be nice to have a trip report done by someone who climbed < 5.13s (for a change). I'm serious: submit it!

Article: Black Diamond Merger
Just my two cents: 1) for profit corporations are obliged to make a profit for their shareholders; there will be non-passion driven people leading this company, period. 2) BD cams are already made in China.
I have deep concern over this change. I think hugepedro's last sentence is very pertinent.

Article: Climbing on the Costa Blanca Spain
Will you post the route ratings and location description for the new area near Bellus? I'd like to add it to my guidebook for (hopefully) future use. I was in CB in November and the apparently aberrant weather chased us north! Too bad because I had the nice color guidebook all flagged and ready for a week of climbing in the sun. I suspect I'll make another attempt to climb in CB.