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Rock Climbing : Comments

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Article: Start Climbing - Part 1 : Introduction & Overview
Some corrections/clarifications:

"In Trad Climbing, climbers use their own gear for protection whereas in free (aka sport) climbing..."

sport climbing does not equal free climbing.

free climbing is where you dont pull on gear for upward progress
sport climbing is where you clip into prepaced bolts for protection

Trad climbing and sport climbing are both types of free climbing as long as you don't pull on gear.

"Solo Climbing is certainly the most dangerous game and reserved for the truly skilled only. Since you're climbing without any kind of protection, falling is simply not an option."

What you are referring to here is called Free Soloing.

Solo Climbing is just climbing alone without a partner. You can still solo climb using protection and a rope.
Free Soloing is where you are climbing alone AND without using any gear (ie. protection, ropes, harness, etc)

"pre-drilled bolts are clipped with carabiners. Trad climbers use friends, chocks, stoppers and other passive and active gear instead."

friends is a brand name of Spring Loaded Camming Device or SLCD. SLCDs are mostly referred to as Cams.