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Article: Tales of Tricks by the God I'itoi on Baboquivari Peak, Arizona
Let me guess? You never were young before? The boulder trundling experience was done at age 19. And did you not get the immediate guilt that played upon our conscience and the karmic retribution of the fire burning up my clothes? If there is anyone who will threaten access to this area it is those politically correct climbers who must take every anamolly and turn it into a capital offense. Publicizing your negativity only makes all climbers look bad. This story is about lessons learned. We learned from these experiences how to better conduct ourselves as we grow older. The cougar following us down the canyon was at age 31. Born of Water was climbed when I was 35. I proposed to my wife on the mountain when I was 41. I'm now 47. I don't drink or do drugs anymore, but I still trundle boulders. However, I yell down below me before I let them go.

Lighten up. Climbing is about fun. Life is about lessons learned. Communicationg your differences to other climbers is about understanding and compassion. And the wisdom of growing older comes from acceptance and forgiveness.