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Article: When Hope is Not Enough - Indian Creek at Risk
I couldn't agree more. Though there are many well-meaning, conscientious climbers out there, the majority are at best ill-informed, and at worst selfish and in-considerate.

The only way IC will go on being "primitive" is if people stop going there, and I don't see that happening any time soon. A possible suggestion would be for the legions of dirtbags living there to take turns serving as some sort of enforcement person, but as far as my understanding of climbers goes, especially the so-called "dirtbags", this will never happen. That is what is meant by "policing ourselves". I don't think signs are adequate. Consider the lengths many climbers will go to to violate regulations (such as camping illegally) at places like Rifle or Red Rocks, and these are places that are heavily you expect climbers to "do the right thing" in a place with zero enforcement?? Yeah right!

Unfortunately the reality is that climbing is becoming popular, bringing crowds and things will change...that is life.

Has anyone read Stewart Green's contribution to the new guidebook where he laments the increased crowds at IC? I guess it wasn't a problem when he was looking to make money off of his Climbing Utah guidebook. What a hypocrite!