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Article: AF Comes Through with Millions
This is really cool but it makes me wonder... how much work is involved in partnering with the AF to obtain land? For example how much work went into procuring both areas in Washington and Alabama? Does AF money cover legal fees? What can you use the money for? What is the money not intended for?

I'd love to know how much effort is involved in doing this and does the AF provide people on an advisory or more committed basis to climbers seeking to protect land buy purchasing it.

I see that grants in $1000 to $4000 amounts are the most common. What are people doing with those funds past and present?

How fast can money be brought to bare to rescue certain areas? I just looked around the site and didn't see obvious answers to all of this.

As a climber this is a super serious issue and we all should be making the $50 donation to join so that our kids can be doing the trad thing and showing their kids how to do the trad thing and so on and so on...

Great story, thanks for broadening my awareness. As a climber I'm really just a taker. It's neat to see how I can reverse that and become a giver too. Good deal!