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Article: Roped Solo Free Climbing - The essence of self-reliance, one path among many
just ordered the eddy. hope it works. i tried a gri gri and it failed to engage on a fall 15 feet off the ground . hit the ground and my luck was good. only broke a few ribs and cut up my elbow. the gri gri did catch me but too late. i believe it did not engage until too late. i was having trouble paying out rope,it was not allowing me to climb, hence i got nonplussed and took a break. the piece i chose to hang off of came out, and down i came. a comedy of errors both human and mechanical. in any case you endorse the eddy so clearly over the gri gri, i will give it a try. i just don't trust the gri gri to not get cross loaded or some how hung up and catch me and fear of falling 150 feet to my death gives me a little concern. a 15 foot fall flat onto my back onto hard rock was bad enough. it will be a while before i can climb again. i do have a question. is the yates screamer necessary??. another question. can i hang a couple of loops off my harness silent partner style? thanks for the help