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Comments by roninthorne (20)

Article: Remembering Others
Sweet... you nailed it.

Thanks. And congrats.

Article: Shadows of Perspective
Thanks for the comments. In my neck of the woods, hunting pretty much IS a caricature. This perspective comes from growing up amongst true sportsmen who revered the land and their prey, as well as respecting the traditions and the power of the weapons they were in possession of. They tried to leave the forest better than they found it. I myself no longer hunt, but I remember those values, and see very, very little of them in todays' dog-laden, technology advantaged, road-hunting, ATV driving participants in the sport. Your comments may be true across the entire world, but they are by no means representative of the majority here in the south, nor in the greater continental U.S. I have been hiking, climbing and camping across for the last two decades.

Again, thank you all for your input.

Article: Urban Climber buys Climbing Magazine
Well, I suppose now we'll see a massive drop in the number of Jeep ads stuck just inside a cover lamenting habitat impact and global warming, hmmmm.....

Article: Access Threatened at Sunset Park (TN)
"...negative incidents involving... unruly dogs."

Ahhh, yes... those unruly dogs- the ones the owners will defend to the end, even if it costs everyone else a climbing area (can you say Red River Gorge?). But thank God my dog didn't lose the right to dramatically increase impact while lowering climber credibility with the NPS, NFS, and BLM.

Article: Alex Honnold Free Solos Moonlight Buttress
WTF? Ummm... maybe I'm a little old-fashioned, or just read too many of what they call "articles" in things like The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Mother Earth News, and Scientific American... but when you have a headline that says "Home: News: Ascents: So-and-so Free Solos Blah blah", followed by the "Article Tag" box, and then a little "More Articles in this Category" sub box... Shouldn't there actually be an article, somewhere... you know, words strung together into sentences, divided into paragraphs, in which might be included some relevent details like, oh, I don't know, maybe when, after how many roped ascents, under what conditions, with what witnesses, on what drugs.. you know, ephemera like that... instead of two lame links in an incomplete sentence fragment, leading everyone over to two other sites where those of us with dial-up can wait another fifteen minutes for all the Escalade and Hummer ads to download, along with flash pop-ups for the DVD release of An Inconvenient Truth? I mean, this is news, right? You don't need to plagerize... but some content would be nice, one might even say "required", to call this little blurb an "article".
Hell, if this is an article, then the 25-mile drive I just did is the yak trek into the Karakoram, and the boulder I climbed yesterday was the Mandala...

Article: Doug Robinson and Sean Jones Put Up New Line on S Face of Half Dome
"When you take the adventure out of climbing, especially on first ascents, then it is no longer climbing."

So toproping a problem, whether within your skills range or far beyond it, isn't climbing? Clipping a safely-bolted line for the pure fun of it isn't climbing? Placing perfect gear in an easy line isn't climbing? Bouldering over a crash pad, or with a spotter, isn't climbing?

Sorrry... bzzzzzt! Wrong. Let's hold the hypebole to a minimum, here, shall we? More than enough of that over in the Supertopo thread I finally gave up on at about post #334 or so. It may no longer fall within your code of ethics, Bruce, but it's still climbing. You're using hands and feet (or aid, or whatever) to ascend. That, at least in my own rather limited experience, is climbing. Pretty sure 99.9% of the climbers in the world, as well as those kibbitzers over at the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary site, would agree with me.

And since it isn't clear that it has been led in a single push, it isn't clear that it hasn't either, hmmmm?

Article: GHM Opposes Olympic Torch Relay to Everest
What?!?!?? China- an oppressive country?!?

And people around the globe don't approve!?

Wow... what incredible breaking news. I'm sure Wal-Mart is clearing their shelves right now... takeout orders are probably down to little or nothing... and Black Diamond has probably cancelled all orders for Chinese-made Camalot parts as of this announcement. Surely McDs is shutting the doors on their Beijing franchise even as we speak...

Yes, there is no doubt... in light of the way China has instantly responded to criticism in the past, I'm sure this latest mortal blow will bring them to their knees in no time... especially when such a stern finger-shaking comes from MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS, those pivotal hingepins of global social and economic stability.

No doubt we'll see the Dali Lama and Tibetan self-determination recognized at the Olympics, right before the world-wide broadcast of their abject apology.

Was that a pig that just flew by....?

Article: Climbing and Murder
Funny country- you can walk into a store yellow with jaundice and filthy from sleeping on the streets and still buy gallons of alcohol (a liquid that works by KILLING BRAIN CELLS) as long as you "appear" sober. You can roll into a store in a wheelchair with oxygen tanks, spitting up chunks of lung, and still buy as many cigarettes (which contain the most powerful central nervous stimulant known to man, one used as a PESTICIDE in some 3rd world countries) as you can carry out with you. BUT if you get caught with a single OUNCE of a weed that will grow in the ditch, even if you grew it yourself or found it growing wild, you have a better-than-average chance of spending longer in jail than someone convicted of manslaughter or murder.

All because bigots didn't want their kids partying with blacks and Hindus and Mexicans back in the 20s, and the US Gov has spent too many decades selling lies to reverse themselves on the topic now. Think what cannablis AND hemp cultivation could do for this economy, right now. Hundreds of thousands less court cases, tens of thousands fewer prisoners, millions in farm subsidies eliminated, massive reduction in logging and irrigation-dependant cotton farming, with all the inherent pollution and environmental impact. Talk about a stimulus package... LEGALIZE IT!

Article: Jumping Freight Trains to go Bouldering
Let's see... rail yards and tracks are private property, so are train cars- oh, but that doesn't matter, you're climbers, the chosen people of God/Allah/Buddha/the Universe! Property rights mean nothing in the face of your ability to crank (insert current median line climbing number here). Cool... one more reaaaaallllllly stupid thing that people who spend hundreds of dollars on climbing gear can do to attract public attention, increase negative publicity, and save the price of a bus ticket.... this should gain us a HUGE number of allies in the transportation industry......

Article: Jumping Freight Trains to go Bouldering
bustloose- if you think that is overreacting, you should see NTSB officials when they scrape someone out from under a train or pull a dessicated body out of a siding car... or face a 300 pound bull at midnight while trying to exit from private property with your climbing pack. Being overly cautious with regards to illegal activities and public scrutiny never cost anyone anything... what does your attitude lead to?

Article: 2.8 Kids with a White Picket fence and the Company Car
Whether or not the writer has experienced life, maybe someone could give them a few pointers on punctuation and run-on sentences.

And while you may think you work to support society, you actually work so stock brokers can crash the system, suck your 401k dry, then ask for a bail-out and go right back at it.

As with most things, the truth lies somewhere between. There is nobility in a good job well done, and there is also nobility in answering the call of the human spirit that makes us "conquistadors of the useless".

At least this kid tried to put it into words. Keep trying... but work on your form...

Article: Expansion of Earth Treks Rockville Facility
Wow... so these are the people we have to thank (among so many others) for the explosion of clueless newbies at the crags! If only they spent 1/10th as much getting their clients out to do trailwork and clean-ups at ALL the crags where they climb...

Article: Taking A Stand
5 out of 5 stars Could be she was just speaking from her personal experience. Could be that both of you are proactive trailbuilders and outspoken advocates of climber responsibility, unfairly judged. But if that were so, perhaps at least one of you would understand that the article wasn't aimed at YOU, hmmmm?

Article: Pavane- A Requiem for Shady
Been offline and out in the wild for a while...

Thank you all for your kindness.

Article: Daniel Woods Unlocks Witness The Fitness V15
So much spew about the line and their effort, and the fact that it is private property only gets a footnote. SSDD.

Article: Reel Rock 7 Film Tour Coming To Chattanooga February 15
So awesome that this is still front page news well over a year later.

Article: Chris Sharma frees Stoking the Fire 5.15b
Fourteen months later, still front page news... here, at any rate.


Article: Clif Bar Drops "Valley Uprising" Athletes from Sponsorship
Dean Potter- rock star and buddhist monk? LOL... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. How about "media whore"? "No I hate the camera... get my good side while I close access to this climb forever, while not doing the first ascent."

Article: The Most Difficult Big Wall Free Climbs in the World
Meanwhile, without a word from any of the famous climbers mentioned above, Apache Leap, Oak Flat Campground and Queen Creek quietly fade away. When fame profits no one and nothing save the famous, it has no meaning.

Article: Indie Buttress Goes Free!
5 out of 5 stars Will be headed that way this winter!