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Rock Climbing : Comments

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Article: Grand Teton Solo
Right on, good to know some climbers still have a soul! I remember doing the Grand w/ my 2 pre-teen sons, miserable little excuse for a tent, no campground reservation so slept on rocky hillside w/ out pads, soggy tomato sandwiches, no flashlights, no guidebook. But w/ a rope, a few pieces of pro, and more balls than sense, we passed up tons of guys w/ their fancy gear & great planning. On the way down we were stuck in a thunderstorm w/ a crowd @ the rappel and a nice guy like you loaned my son a pair of windpants; I'll never forget that gesture. After the storm passed, one of the climber's rope got hung on a nearby spire. He was going to abandon it (it was a loaner & looked new!) but I climbed up to it & got it down for him. Sometimes rock climbing is more about heart & desire than technique, gear, & planning.