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Article: Renan Ozturk, Conrad Anker and Jimmy Chin are back...
They apparently kept a blog of their climb with uploaded videos. I have been following their expedition since they started posting:

(click on archives to see more from their trip)

Article: 300-lb Giant Climbs Mt Whitney
Nice job getting it done! You should make a list of what you learned so that you can improve your system on the next trip (my guess is that it would have do with your 59lb pack). You could share that list here!

Article: 300-lb Giant Climbs Mt Whitney
You should consider sharing a two person tent with your climbing partner. I have never brought more than one tent between me and a partner on an alpine climbing trip (we did bring individual 8oz bivy sacks on one particular winter climb).

Also, you should be prepared to stink on your climb. That means only one pair of pants, one pair of underwear, 2 pairs of socks, 1 long sleeve shirt, one fleece, one poofy jacket, and perhaps an ultralight rain shell. Basically all your clothes should be on you other than maybe an extra long sleeve shirt and a poofy jacket + shell.

Whats your next climbing objective?

Article: "Kalos Ilthes stee Kalymno" (Welcome Back to Kalymnos)
Wow. This thing read like a college essay.
Glad to hear you had a good time!