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Article: A Lot to Learn
5 out of 5 stars Like my taste for music, my taste for climbing is very broad. I am a trad climber, but I still boulder, and fall off of sport climbs. In my "old age" I have even began to realize I will need to learn to like aid climbing if I want to realize my dreams.

I have witnessed first hand the elitist attitude of climbers of every discipline. And I have also met climbers like myself who aren't bound by any particular style. Like Bruce Lee's style of Kung Foo: Jeet Kun Do my climbing is not bound by any fixed positions. If nothing else, it keeps things from getting stale

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Article: 300-lb Giant Climbs Mt Whitney
5 out of 5 stars crackmd: thank you. I hope you get over your injury soon.

you can see the rest of the pics here:

Article: 300-lb Giant Climbs Mt Whitney
5 out of 5 stars
Wow, thank you all for your kind words.
Lex: 220 sounds like a good number for me as well. I know what my new years resolution is.
Snowey: I am no expert backpacker by any means. That being said...
Things I should have left behind or upgraded (whatever happened to that stimulus check anyway?):
-2 magazines I did not read. Maybe next time Ill bring a book on the I pod.
-2 man tent. @ 5+ lbs the 2 man is fine for me and the wife, but I refuse to be gassed out by my climbing partner (He isn't called The Ass for nuthin). I am in the market for a Nemo Gogo: a tent style bivy weighing in @ 1lb, 14oz for my future 2 man excursions.
-1/2 of the clothes I brought: 2 pairs of pants 4 pairs of regular underwear, 3 long undies, 2 long sleeve shirts, 4 pairs of hiking socks, fleece, jacket, rain gear, and probably more stuff.
-my rope. I need to get a lighter rope for that kind of stuff. My 10.2, 60m PMI weighs in at approximately 10lbs. I could shave at least 2 lbs off of that.
-my harness. I have a 10 year old Misty Mountain Cadillac. It was the only one they had that would fit me at REI...did I mention that was 10 years ago. I need a new harness. An Alpine BOD (11oz) maybe?
-my camera. another old, heavy relic (and only 4mp to boot).
-last but certainly not least: my gut. I could save 35, 40lbs there easy.

Thats all I could come up with off the top (or bottom)

Article: 300-lb Giant Climbs Mt Whitney
5 out of 5 stars I am so ashamed...We did have the portal burgers on Wednesday night before we went up. And believe me; we had several discussions on the topic on the way down...

Article: 300-lb Giant Climbs Mt Whitney
5 out of 5 stars My next objective: I want to lead 5.10 Trad confidently. Right now I can barely (and not always) follow sport 5.10's. This would open up worlds of new climbing to me.

I really want to hit the Fishhook Arete next summer.

Article: A Linville Link-Up
5 out of 5 stars I love that first pic.