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Article: Climbing Making Its Bid to Enter The Olympics
Alpinism used to be a sport in the Winter Olympics, Mallory (posthumously in his and Irvine's case) and company were awarded a Gold for their 1924 Everest attempt. I'm for it, I don't take the elitist attitude that some of the posters have taken -- things change and we need to change with them. It's all about educating the aspiring climbers. I would venture to say that there'll be more people at the gyms than the crags/mountains. Good for the gyms. There are plenty of place where the majority of people will never go - I'll go there, just like I always have, and offer guidance and support to anyone who is interested at any level.

Think about some of our current climber athletes...which one of them wouldn't want the moniker "Olympic Gold Medalist"?