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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by spikeddem (6)

Article: Mushroom Boulder at Hueco Tanks--CLOSED
Ha! No longer are we just climbing bums. We are now climbing bums with a penchant for archaeology!

Article: Mushroom Boulder at Hueco Tanks--CLOSED
Guys, it sounds a lot more like it's closed because of the findings, and not for other reasons.

I agree with whiskeybullets. This article needs a lot of work.

Article: First Ascent Headed to American Television
Yeah, this didn't get beaten by a post on the forums. Ha.

Article: 2.8 Kids with a White Picket fence and the Company Car
1 out of 5 stars What! How can people like this article? First off, it begins by pointing out how cliche it is. Secondly, the awful mechanics are way too distracting to even be able to finish it.

This does not belong on the front page. It reminds me of the article written about the Red River Gorge a few months back.