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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by stoehnercd (5)

Article: Want to be part of a TV show about climbing?
Hmmm....sounds like another discovery channel documentary/soap opera. I pray to God they do this right!

Article: Everest Expedition - New Series starts on Oct 19 on the Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel...GIVE IT UP! Climbers don't give a damn about your shows and opinions of climbers dramatic attempt to stand atop the world. Last season was bad enough. Are "technology and willpower [are] enough in the face of the power of nature" for men and women to summit Mt. Everest? Please ask that to George Mallory ask that to Sir Edmund Hillary!
Enough of the docudramas at high altitude. Armchair mountaineers are bad enough as it is.

Article: Photography Feature: Simon Carter
Wow fantastic pics! Thank you for sharing them with us. I also appreciate your comment, "climbing becomes more of a way of life than a sport." I do believe so!

Article: Grand Teton Solo
Very neat story...I find it interesting that many climbers believe that unless you have ten thousand dollars worth of gear you cannot be a climber. I have heard stories of Russian climbers on 8KM peaks with oven mitts for gloves and rebar for anchors. The spirit of climbing is not about the gear, its about the adventure. I enjoy thoroughly your comparison of this lonely climber with a sailor enamored by the seas. Great story!

Article: Access Alert! Niagara Glen in danger!
I am beginning to understand why Land Management agencies are so set on banning climbers from climbing areas. It seems the more climbers I run into the more jerks they are and it seems their attitude towards others is who F*cking cares anyways and just bolt it once its bolted they cant say anything about them. I am disgusted by many climbers of today.