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Comments by streetshark (2)

Article: Outdoor Retailer Summer Market '08 - Day 2
you wrote:

First, all new ropes issued by NE Ropes have either a red or a light blue tracer line on the sheath of the rope to signify it is one of the new ropes that does pass the UIAA test. Second, if you have one of these ropes, you need to return it to NE Ropes!

did you mean that the red or light blue line indicates the rope does NOT pass the UIAA test? or the reverse of that?

Article: Climbing and Murder
4 out of 5 stars Blame aside, we as climbers have the responsibility to check each others knots and harness before pursuing a climb. It is just safe practice. Both climbers, Morgan and Ward, are responsible for checking all points of safety. If this was done "correctly," then it is likely that no incident would have occurred. Both persons appear to be negligent in this case. Morgan should have checked the knot, and Ward should have passed on the climb.