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Comments by sungam (17)

Article: Petzl carabiner recall
It's good to see that a recall was made before any accedents occured!

Article: Life After Rhapsody For Dave MacLeod
He also just climbed L’odi Social, a 8c+ in surina, spain. After doping it he confirmed his belief that Rhapsody is in fact Fr 8c+ climbing. Kudos to the man, a full report is avalible at

Article: Helicopter Rescue Possible On Everest Summit Soon
Bent gate just had a good idea. This could possibly be used to aid clean-up?
Obviously it would be expensive, and moreso than getting the sherpas to bring it down (there is a "prize" for those who bring down empty bottles) but the sherpas can barely keep up with the ones being left by their party, let alone the thousands left there before.
Maybe a coupla loads on the ol waspy would help clear things up?

Article: Grand Teton Solo
I thought it was just good writing. If you wont some crap storytelling, may I suggest harry potter?

Article: Start Climbing - Part 1 : Introduction & Overview
Trevor Allred is the citable author.

Article: Outdoor Retailer Summer Market '08 - Day 3
Thanks, man, as usual a great series of bloggage.

Article: Head Trip
5 out of 5 stars Now that is some high class writing. Serious questions brought up about a serious game. Still not sure of my answers.

Article: TOTEM CAMS and More -- Vegastradguy Blogs from OR Winter
Damn, has it been a year already? Time flies, I guess. I love these updates! gearhead porn.

Article: Needless Destruction Theater
Strong werke, Aric. I had missed that screw thread, good stuff to read. Thanks for making the effort and putting all this together.

How embarrassing.

Article: Joe Puryear Passes Away
Update with details when the come in please.

Article: Totem Cam Recall Notification
Adatesman was a couple days ahead of you guys on this one.

Article: Sport Climbing on 2020 Olympic Games Shortlist
My vote is for baseball. Wushu looks dorky as hell, karate is panzyland compared to the martial arts they already have, softball is baseball but without the pitcher getting to pelt the batter once in a while, I guess wakeboarding is neat to watch, but climbing is boring as hell. Squash is in a close second, mostly due to it's massive WTF bonus.

Article: Rock Exotica Unicenders Recall
Seconded, Redonk. Great customer service.

Article: Gear: So You Want to be an Intermediate?
It's worth noting that the Squid is the most baller stick clip ever due to how easily you can remove draws above you.

Wanna try a route that is too hard for you and everyone in your group? Go for it anyways, you can just lower off and grab the draws with the Squid.

Article: The First-timer's Guide to Winter Cragging