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Article: Grand Teton Solo
Humanity first; you did the right thing. the ultimate human question we all ask is, "Are you there for me?" How many of us have made mistakes? How many times did we realize "man, that could have been baaad?" Turning away from helping someone shows who they are as people.
I climbed the Upper Exum last year, late season. In perfect condition, and downclimbed the OS in 2 hours unroped; although we did find both rappel stations (albeit the 1st one had that nasty crack underneath!). I dont recommend this climb to any newbie, but neither would I turn away from someone needing a simple coat or advice. Way to go

Article: Multi-Pitch Safety - 10 Best Ways to Avoid an Epic
Bring a copy of the route description for the ascent and descent. and talk it over to ensure all parties know the way up and down