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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by tallnik (7)

Article: Link Cam Editorial Review
Alpine piece? Damn, those things might be versatile. But HEAVY!

Article: Climbing Mount Kanamo: Alone in the Indian trans-Himalayas
Nice article, an enjoyable read.

Article: Climber Dies at Poke-O-Moonshine, Adirondacks, NY
apparently climber was rapping near nerousis. Not clear as to what happened.

Article: Photography Feature: Simon Carter
5 out of 5 stars Thanks for sharing!

Article: Chris Sharma Joins Sterling Rope’s Team
I don't want to see PR pieces in the climbing 'news' section. I don't care who they sign as a sponsored athlete...

Article: Rab Apparel and Gear Official Sponsor of Southwest Adventure Guides
I would really like to see these kinds of messages NOT on the front page, and NOT in the 'news' section. This hardly constitutes climbing news.

Article: Supertopo 2010 Climbing Helmet Choice Awards
I'm surprised and disappointed that they did not review the alpine shield.