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Comments by tenesmus (2)

Article: Outdoor Retailer Winter Market '08 - Day 3
That price is beaten by RAB, and they have been getting great reviews. I have a couple of their jackets and gloves and really love them.

I took a hard look at the Optimus and you should know that it will do really well on steep climbing and will edge a lot better than the Predator which is a pretty soft shoe. They have a stiffer rubber in the forefoot and look to be just as downturned as the Rredator. The difference is the rubber in the Optimus makes a continuous curve in the middle of the shoe instead of just a curved forefoot hooking platform of the predator. This isn't entirely accurate, but hope it helps. Joe took a lot of time explaining this to me and I appreciate it. Those guys are really nice and don't blow you off like the (cough) 'by appointment only'... sportivas (cough) of the world.

I think the huge benefit is the Optimus will allow you to hook and pull when its steep but also KILLIT on the edging topouts. Think steep granite or limestone edging. This would be a great shoe for places like Rifle or VRG or Joes.

Article: Outdoor Retailer Winter 2010 Wrap-Up
""I would like to also thank Bridgedale for selling me a pair of Full Height socks for my learning to ski sessions post-show- they were amazing and my feet stayed warm and cozy for two days spent buried (along with the rest of me) in fresh Utah powder!""

couldn't do the full blog because of 'work demands'? That snow has been killer though. Thanks for the blog -nice as always. The coolest part is that all of the classic vendors actually talk to you. I swear La Sportive are the biggest bunch of stuck-up goons. Year after year..."Our shoes are uber cool and ultimately classic so we don't need to talk to you" Makes me appreciate the vast majority of retailers that will talk to anyone. You never do know who your customers might be.