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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by theguy (2)

Article: Black Diamond Merger Followup
Black Diamond's European sales manager [url ""]beautifully captures[/url] the extreme lack of boldness, not to say derivativeness, which many had feared from BD post-merger in its remake of the original Monty Python sidewalk climbing video; or perhaps the disgrace of the French football team is symptomatic of a more broad-spread fault in the national character.

Also, it's impossible to find archived QC Lab features on the BD website now, since they're all mixed in with the other blog entries; not sure whether this is pre- or post-merger.

Article: Caldwell Frees Final Crux Pitch of Dawn Wall Mega-Project
"Caldwell still in-a-push free ascent of the entire route from top to bottom": that sounds impossible.

Would certainly be easier to rappel from top to bottom. Kudos to Tommy for inventing new climbing styles in the search for challenge ;)