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Comments by tjlynch (3)

Article: Deliberate Transitions are Ambiguous
oh, I can see that now...

Article: Deliberate Transitions are Ambiguous
I actually pay no attention to Arno. I don't even know who he is. I just included his name to add variety to my post. I simply disagreed with you (without attacking you) that his article was ineffective at communicating. I made no comment on Arno other than his voice in the article. Perhaps I'm being needlessly defensive to such a baseless attack.

Article: Deliberate Transitions are Ambiguous
Pug, I see your point, but I like what Arno does in this article. I believe he chose his diction deliberately to facilitate conversation between the audience and the piece about the ambiguous parts of his coaching technique. I found myself questioning the voice of this article like my own personal guru. "Am I approaching the crux appropriately? Do I visualize my movement, commit to the movement, and perform the movement?"

I think back on my climbs, and notice that I sometimes practiced this technique without conscientiously knowing it. Maybe not so coincidentally these are some of my best climbs.