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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by tongueinbarbie (2)

Article: Rockslide threatens Curry Village at Yosemite
Used to be ice falls on Glacier Point when I lived in Curry Villiage back in 81,82. It would feel like an earthquake. We thought the bear patrol yelling "get out of here" and shooting the bear guns was exciting this June. Our last night, 4 NPS biologists were outside our Curry Villiage tent cabin, one with a flash light, one with an antenna and some type of device he was pointing past our cabin, and one was loading the noise maker, which looked like a flare gun. They said she was up there but not ready to come down yet. That was the last night for us there and the high point of our trip, with exception to being married earlier that day in the meadow with Yosemite Falls as the backdrop.

Article: Alpinist Magazine to Suspend Operations
Does not stop them from sending me a renewal form in the mail Wednesday.