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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by vertical_planar (5)

Article: Bees Render Climber Unconscious
This is freaking me out! I had been attacked by bees last spring while I was preparing to get on a route for no obvious reason. I had to untie quickly and run away and they chased me to the car. Got away with 4 stings. The most weird is that they completely ignored my belayer. She packed our stuff and come to the car and not a single bee touched her. Weird?

Article: Bees Render Climber Unconscious
the weird is that I use to climb in crags near beehives (Kalymnos is full of bee hives for one) and never have been attacked before or after that date. so it can't be the scent. I came to believe it was my bright red t-shirt I was wearing that date, but then who knows...

Article: Alpinist Magazine to Suspend Operations
m_hurley science is indeed just an attempt to describe the world. Like any attempt it gains or looses credibility by the successful correlation of its assumption with observation. As far as I am aware, scientific predictions are overwhelmingly more often verified compared to those of any other system of belief. I don’t think anyone denies your right to believe whatever you like. Its just that by embracing a certain approach you have better chances to describe the world in a way that it can be verified by observation. For what that matters anyway…
And since my syntax is crap and the above probably makes no sense… wtf all this has to do with alpinist???

Article: "Kalos Ilthes stee Kalymno" (Welcome Back to Kalymnos)
Its actually "tha se do tu chronu kukla" ;) Glad to read you had a good time. It amazes me thought that you found the place quiet. Kalymnos is usually way too crowded for what we (= greek climbers) are used too (to the point that many people stopped going there). Just out of curiosity time fo the year did you visit?

Article: Jumping Freight Trains to go Bouldering
nice story but what i like most is the stunning photograph. Really nice