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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by viciado (2)

Article: Start Here Part 2: The Essentials of Gear
Just a couple observations...

Helmets also protect you from falling objects, so they are not just for experienced climbers.

The gym belay classes I have observed and taught do not so much "teach" proper belay techniques as they introduce the learner to proper belay techniques. The learner then is asked to demonstrate an adequate understanding of them under controlled conditions. Those conditions reflect the gym environment in which the climber will then practice the technique. Proper belay technique is acquired over time and with practice in a wide variety of situations not contemplated by gym conditions. I am sorry if I sound pedantic, but I think the comment goes to keeping with the "I'm a learner" position of your article. Good Job!

Article: Fusion Photo Contest
Quote: To enter submit a photograph of you climbing, hanging, repelling, bouldering and scaling the routes of your choice.

Just a photo of me is "repelling" enough...