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Article: Sandstone Crack-climbing
Well, I've been just thinking native speakers could help to improve the language of such articles by sending the author a proofread version so he/she can post it.

Article: Sandstone Crack-climbing
I'm not sure anybody ever explained why they have this "strange" ethics there. The reason is purely practical and not because Czech climbers are crazy, psychic, stoned or drunk. Sandstone in this area is composed of a very thin darker outer layer of 1 or 2 milimeters over a very sandy and fragile inner base. When the outer layer is destroyed, the rock begins to seep and disintegrate incontrolably. So, if several climbers use a metal device in the same place, they will distroy the outer layer and nobody will ever be able to put a protection there. I also strongly approve the magnesium ban as I'm fed up with white-painted stone where you can make no real judgement about your on sight grade.
Actually, if you climb in your grade, Czech sandstone climbing isn't so frightening at all. Some routes are quite well protected, you just have to be highly selective.