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Comments by wmfork (4)

Article: Metolius Master Cam Editiorial Review
Nice review.. but 1 question.

Has anybody compared the master cam to Wild Country cams (zeros in the smaller sizes and tech friends in the larger sizes)??? It seems to me about ALL the criticism/preference against all of master cam's other competitors has already been addressed by WC.

Seriously, about the only thing I see different is that the master cams are narrower. Unsubstantial head feel of dual axle? Check. The tech friends have always been burly and the new ones have free-fall rated cam stop to boot. Soft metal and too large cam angle? Check. The zeros have harder aluminum and narrow cam angle.

I know Metolius is an American company and all, but come on.

Article: Metolius Master Cam Editiorial Review
vegastradguy-please don't take it personally... I was posing this as a question to you and others who have used/bought master cams. Obviously, you were given a set to review voluntarily, but for those who actually bought them, I'd assume they actually compared with WC cams?

I have only played with master cams in store, so my experience is limited. I just wasn't overly impressed with the smaller (1&2) sizes (I bought the zeros instead, and like them the more I use them). 3&4 looked pretty cool, but I already have a good mix of TCU/FCU/camalot/friends in those sizes.

Article: Carabiner Extravaganza!
How about the "new" Metolius element? A bit heavier @ 35g, but only a touch smaller than full size and has one of the highest rated strength (28KN close gate, 10KN open gate).

Article: Honnold Free Solos Half Dome
I hope this guy lives and climbs for a long time w/o seriously injuring himself; he may just transform the sport.