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Rock Climbing : Comments

Comments by xmesox (9)

Article: Smarter, Not Harder - Coldclimb's Slackline Setup
I've fixed the images, it was a problem from when the templates were changed.

Article: Climbers Mobilize to Help Bachar
Oh wow, this article has been like this for 4 years.


Article: Fusion Photo Contest
Well spotted ;) *Fixed

Article: Supertopo 2010 Climbing Helmet Choice Awards
Links are now fixed, that was my bad.

Note that the article itself is a Press Release from Supertopo who performed the review.

And that these are NOT featured articles at all (our featured articles are only of high quality), but rather random pieces of rock climbing related news. Which will obviously lack quality at times depending on what's going on and what's being done.

Article: First Stage of The Ice Climbing World Cup 2011
Note that it is a press release, but I too chuckled a bit over that choice of wording. A more suitable term would probably have been 'Many people are unaware'.

Article: Go West Young Man
5 out of 5 stars I've gone ahead and split this article up into 3 sections. The next 2 parts will be published over the next few weeks.

Article: Outdoors Show 2012 - A Success
Feel free to be the decent writer, since we publish what the event's press writers give us.

Article: 2012 Photo Contest - Results
The competition was based off 'facebook likes'. The photo with the most 'likes' would be judged the winner.