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Article: Review: The Yates Screamer
discussion is here:;post=1218459

Article: Black Diamond nForce Editorial Review
I've heard some people claiming that the straight teeth increase rope wear. Have you seen any evidence of this?

thanks - dave

Article: Outdoor Retailer Summer Market '08 - Day 2
yay bamboo socks!

My wife and I each had a pair on our recent road trip - we'd routinely wear them for a week straight and they don't get stinky! They've held up really well, too - 6 months of heavy use and they look new.

Article: Nose in under 3 hours AGAIN
Sunday attempt update:

Yuji and partner[Hans] started off at the base of El Capitan this morning at 10:20 am and topped out on the Nose route at 12:57:03 pm. It was crisp morning and there was a late fall feel in the air.

Fun numbers:

Today time to Sickle ledge: 18 minutes, July 2nd when we did the route in 2:43:33 it took 16:20 to get to sickle.
Today time to Dolt Tower: 46 minutes, July 2nd: 56 minutes.
Today time to Eagle Ledge: 1:04, July 2nd: 1:06
Today to camp 4: 1:28, July 2nd: 1:26
Today to top: 2:37:05, July 2nd: 2:43:33

Today we passed four parties along the route.