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Comments by zr3y483e (1)

Article: Tales of Tricks by the God I'itoi on Baboquivari Peak, Arizona
I am outraged! As an out door enthusiast I am usually never surprised at the stupidity of some people who try with all their might to ruin things for everyone else. However this article is the most horrendous disrespectful, insensitive and ignorant display regarding the beliefs and culture of others that I have directly experienced or heard of in 60 years. It is a social slap in the face to every Tohono O’odham, not to mention the impunity to the reputation of every person who enjoys out door recreation. By reading this article and imagining replacing the name Baboquivari Peak with the National Cathedral and the name I’itoi with Jesus Christ one might begin to get an idea how this article is being viewed by the Tohono O’odham Tribal leaders and don’t think for a moment they are not scrutinizing it carefully.
Also keep in mind that the Tohono O’odham Nation is a sovereign nation and trespassing on the reservation is a federal offence, and alcohol and other drugs are also illegal on the reservation (which is within the jurisdiction of the FBI) not to mention the irresponsible, reckless, destructive and possibly criminal behavior described in this article. A reasonable person should be ashamed and embarrassed to admit to such behavior and ought not allow such articles to be displayed on it’s web site it only encourages others with an immature sense of self to try to emulate such juvenal behavior.