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Climbing Rubber Friction Test - 2008-11-21 by Mark Silliman

Climbing Rubber Friction Test Spadout published the first publicly released, third party climbing rubber friction test. The test was designed by physicist Steven Won and tests the top 9 climbing rubbers on granite slab and a climbing hold.
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Belay Device Friction Test - 2008-12-08 by Mark Silliman

Belay Device Friction Test More than a dozen “tube style” belay devices are on the market. Each device is safe, at a similar price point, and lighter than a Big Mac. So the question is, what sets them apart?
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Scan Barcodes with your Cell Phone - 2009-03-18 by Mark Silliman

Scan Barcodes with your Cell Phone Spadout released Spadout Barcode today which allows you to scan any outdoor product's barcode using your cell phone. It will then show you all of Spadout's prices and reviews for that product. We also provide one-click phone dialing directly to the retailers.
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