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Dec 6, 2006, 11:33 PM

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Re: [fenix83] Airport security probe? Publicity stunt? You decide...
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Publicity stunt... What's the worst they could have done ??? Cut up some passengers or crew, but the doors have been hardened. And I think it more likely that 6 guys would get their asses beaten to bloody pulps by 100's of people, as I doubt anybody will "lie down" anymore.

How publicity ??? The super left in the US will cry foul, and make a stink... But more importantly, while we can't see their shows, they can see ours, and they can easily spin it into propaganda that us Americans are treating Muslims like shit, and coax many into wearing a vest of TNT and ballbearings.

I think the action was fine, but we are too transparent for our own good... Our enemies are opaque, and we have to work hard for intel, yet we just give it to them.

How many Americans do you think know that lots of US ships were sunk in the Gulf of Mexico during WWII, right off the coasts of Texas and Louisiana by German U-Boats, and that we even sunk one of them ??? Not many. Why ???

Because during WWII we had censorship, as "loose lips sink ships". Do you think WWII was any less bloody that Vietnam or Iraq ??? Nope, in fact it was worse, but we didn't have TV coverage casualties showing the true nature of war to us in our homes. Think about it... Which war was the first war that had large scale protests ??? Vietnam, why ??? It was the first to be brought into our homes, and not be censored. Hell, now we have Geraldo over there.

We handicap ourselves to a degree directly proportional to our transparency to our enemies. The Israilies take care of shit, and don't brag about it... We blow up a car in some country near Afganistan with a missle launched from a predator drone and kill 4 high level Taliban and Al Quida, and the FBI brags about it in the papers the next day, "Can't escape the US, we'll find you and get you". That day, the CIA gets told by the government that allowed the predators to fly in their airspace that they couldn't do that anymore, since we were supposed to keep quiet about it, but instead we embarrassed them with our big mouths.

Do I advocate censorship ??? Yes, to a degree, as we don't need to let everybody know our business, even if people like Al Sharpton and Jane Fonda disagree. Some shit is none of my business.

Want another example: is now going to check profiles against a national database of registered sexual offenders to aid in protecting our kids from predators. I think its a great idea, but I heard about it on CNN today, and they even said that it will only work if the offenders don't lie about information... Do you think any pervs will change their info since hearing this ??? They would have done much better to leave that out of the news.

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