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Dec 7, 2006, 2:48 PM

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Re: [fenix83] Airport security probe? Publicity stunt? You decide...
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fenix83 wrote:
Adam, I agree with everything you in your post, but I still believe it was a probe, at least to some degree.

It's not about what these guys could have done, because it wasn't their goal, it's about a way to test and note the security forces' reaction times, protocols and procedures. A side benefit might even be that with all the stink this is causing some of the more PC-minded people might actually think twice before speaking up or otherwise confronting suspicious behaviour, thus making it easier for the enemy...

Think it through... What could they gain ??? Even if there was no reaction ??? They will easily see that all they could accomplish at a later date is to get their asses beaten into pulps. This is why I doubt it was a 'probe', as I doubt they'd waste their time. And, they do NOT telegraph their punches like we do... Meaning they would not go out of their way to be noticed, unless they wanted to be noticed, which is called 'publicity'.

Example... I work at operating nuclear power plants around the country, and I won't go intodetails, but even a highly trained force would NOT be able to gain entry into any VITAL areas of the plant, and if they were not highly trained, they would not even gain access into the PROTECTED areas before being killed dead. Even a plane crashed into one of the containment buildings would just end up being a burnt pile of aluminum outside the building.

They would rather blow up an elementary school or mall to create fear, as they are soft targets with a high yield of casualties... They are not going to fling themselves at an impenetrable wall. Even in Iraq, you don't see them attacking hardened bases, they attack soft targets (i.e. buses, markests, out inthe street, etc...)

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