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Dec 9, 2006, 12:39 AM

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Re: [crankinv9] Airport security probe? Publicity stunt? You decide...
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crankinv9 wrote:
The article you all keep referring to is an opinion piece and it is slanted pretty hard to the right. Look at the author's creds at the bottom, she is not a journalist.

Now, those guys did screw up and they are probably lucky that there wasn't some vigilante style justice handed out. But, they can file a law suit because it is their right to do so. Will the case go anywhere? Doubtful.

But, to take away from this incident the idea it is OK to infringe on my rights is bullshit and scary. Are you people that afraid? Seriously.
Actually... I have not even clicked the 'article' linked in this thread, as I have gleened my info about it from the newspaper (USA Today), CNN, and NPR.

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