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Dec 16, 2006, 5:18 PM

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Re: [jimdavis] mad rock shoes
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Had a few minutes to kill while waiting on the buddies to get packed. Just because I have only been climbing for 4 months, doesn't mean I haven't had experience with companies. I have dealt with many companies, and while I understand the importance of customer service, I think you might just be going a little overboard. You even said yourself that Joe hasn't been around. You think maybe Mad Rock fired him? I wouldn't be surprised to find out that they did. So basically, you might be refusing to look at products from this company because of an ex-employee who posted on internet forums. When I bought my current laptop, customer service was important to me, and basically, I decided not to buy from one company over another because of it. However, I did not refuse to look at the other company just because I had bad experience with their rep who posted on forums. They still had good products, but ultimately I went with a different company. I don't fully appreciate being told that just because I have only been climbing for 4 months, means that I don't understand what makes a good company different from a bad company. That remark, while you made it subtle is insulting to me. Does this mean that for the next 4 years I am going to be posting stuff saying that your opinion is invalid, of course not. The reason I say what I did about Mad Rock, is I believe they are great for beginners. At least if nothing else, mine has been great for me. The question at hand was pertaining to another beginner. I thought my opinion of how the SHOES were would be acceptable, but because I have only been climbing for four months, I apparently don't understand as much as I should.
The thing that gets me, is I do understand where you are coming from. I have been there and done that, but from reading some of Joe's posts, and looking at all that... he has like 81 posts here... and none of them are very recent at all. It seems to me, that there may be a bit of a grudge being held.
Are Mad Rock shoes okay for a beginner? As a fellow beginner I say yes, because they are cheap and they work for learning basics. I will upgrade later on to more expensive/nicer shoes when these get worn out. If there is a bad customer service rep when I'm looking for a new pair of shoes that insults me, I probably wouldn't get their product, but as far as I can see, Joe hasn't been around for a long time, so for now I'll stay pretty dang happy with my Mad Rock Flashes that I bought for $55.

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