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Dec 17, 2006, 3:04 PM

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Re: [jimdavis] mad rock shoes
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jimdavis wrote:
...You a middle aged man, who feels the need to respond at length about the inexperience of others whom you've never met, purely because your intelligence or wit feels challenged. You're bitter, arrogant, insecure...


My Australian Cattle Dog challenges my intelligence more than you do, Jim. Also, I'm afraid you're not any more of a psychologist than you are a climber. Congratulations on now demonstrating incompetence in multiple disciplines.

"Why people fail to recognize their own incompetence

David Dunning1, Kerri Johnson, Joyce Ehrlinger and Justin Kruger

Successful negotiation of everyday life would seem to require people to possess insight about deficiencies in their intellectual and social skills. However, people tend to be blissfully unaware of their incompetence. This lack of awareness arises because poor performers are doubly cursed: Their lack of skill deprives them not only of the ability to produce correct responses, but also of the expertise necessary to surmise that they are not producing them. People base their perceptions of performance, in part, on their preconceived notions about their skills. Because these notions often do not correlate with objective performance, they can lead people to make judgments about their performance that have little to do with actual accomplishment."

Since you obviously fall into the category they are referencing, I'll spell it out for you. They're talking about you.


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