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Dec 19, 2006, 11:45 AM

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Re: [unabonger] A Remarkable and Horrifying Story of Religous Intolerance
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unabonger wrote:
madriver wrote:
you mean it was an isolated story about religious intolerance and prejudice in the U.S. Go tell...well doesn't that beat all. Why just the other day I was telling my kids that there was no more racisim in America since Madonna started adopting African I'm going to have and explain that only certain people are tolerant of all and that Americans are not what they seem....


L. Maddox

Despite the tag line promo about the woman's expectations, this wasn't much except a sub theme of the piece.

And what made it heinous was that it wasn't "isolated". First of all, it was teachers, families, and school administrators, really a whole community that fucked them over. It could (and probably does) happen anywhere in the USA. The danger of religious intolerance is that "isolated" incidents start happening regularly.

Without clear separation of church and state, there would be no remedy for the abuse done to this family, which was virtually destroyed by ignorant teachers, families, and the school administration. The US DOJ took up the case and forced the school system into a settlement. They should have fired the teacher but apparently decided to give her "diversity training". Ech. She should be fired, sued, and fined. you mean that the combined effort of a community school, lead by a teachers intolerance of a certain religion, lead to the incident? Isolated? UB, besides religious intolerance of Jews and Catholics throughout most of 19th and 20th century USA, and the continued intolerance of Middle Eastern Islam toward any religion other than Islam, why do you think this is isolated? Hatred, intolerance, Religion, sounds like business as usual to me. Every other religious thread on this site turns into a hate fest. The difference I see between us (Americans) and the say the Middle East is our ability to see hatred and intolerance amongst ourselves and have the ability to recognize it and absolve or resolve it. Media hype of isolated instances of such transgressions may be needed to point out a simmering resentment we have toward Muslims. But do you think as a whole we Americans would turn on a particular Religious group or Ethnic group already entrenched into our society and persecute them in an organized effort such as the story you post? The cynics will say we already do, but I see American ideals and values as one of tolerance. Our history of routing out this intolerance is what separates us from Islam and many other cultures throughout the world.

So yeah, while I canít listen to your Podcast, Iíll believe just about anything when it comes too human hatred. But what I do know is that if there is anyplace in the world that will rebuke it, it is the good US of A.

Merry Christmas and Happy Climbing

Yours truly,
S. Claus and Elves of dubious religious origin

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