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Jan 21, 2007, 9:30 AM

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Re: [lena_chita] fucking stupid fuck doctors
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Hey Gabe.

I can sympathize 150%. I've been out for over 2 months with mystery toe injury that had made it impossible to climb and my frustration with my doctors' apathy it getting extreme.

I've considered just paying for a specialist outside of
my insurance plan who actually has a clue and cares if I climb again, since the "You should stop climbing" treatment isn't an option.

kachoong wrote:
In regards to health insurance, I think most people are in a position to afford it, they just choose not to.

I kinda agree.

I make a frighteningly small amount of $ per year, but since climbing is my passion and injuries are common, I sure as hell make sure that payment gets sent every month. If a serious injury occurs I don't want to have to sell my house to pay for it.

...and I take exception to the "don't whine about co-payments" statements.

I pay a huge chunk of my meager paycheck every month and I'm treated with total indifference from my health provider. The co-pays get ridiculous.

Example: Go see my doctor- $25. 2 weeks later see her again- $25 She does and x-ray- $10 She takes a blood test- another $10 She says: "hmm- I don't see much wrong here. These things take time to heal" I say: "WHAT THING'S?? YOU HAVEN'T ACTUALLY DIAGNOSED ANYTHING!!" I insist on seeing a podiatrist. She reluctantly gives a referral. 2 weeks later go to see podiatrist- $25. He takes another x-ray $10. Tells me" Well, you've got bad genetics. You should stop climbing". I say "That's not an option". Visit ends. I leave the office with basically no suggestion on how to re-hab.

After a while the co-pays become a slap in the face, and in light of the regular payment and the ineffective "treatments" (if you can call a lame suggestion a treatment) it really starts to gripe me.

So Gabe...amen I'm with you brother.

I think I'll go buy that book someone suggested.

Maybe I'll go talk to those hippies at the health food store. At least they try to be helpful and act like they care when they are shoving that bottle of Eye-of-Newt cure-all at you.

end rant.

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