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May 25, 2007, 3:21 PM

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Re: [jrogers04] water knot vs. slipknot?
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Disclaimer: I don't slackline, as it holds no appeal to me.

That said, whenever I'm making a permanent sling, I go with a double fisherman's. Most bomber knot known to man for permanently joining two ends of pretty much anything together.

Tie it up, then bounce test the sling for a bit til the knot is sucked down to the size of a marble. Good luck getting that thing untied any time soon.

Editation: If you *would* like to untie the webbing at some later point, use a water knot - but, and this is absolutely critical if you're highlining or otherwise slacking at height where the line is part of a life support system - BACK IT UP WITH A DOUBLE OVERHAND STOPPER ON EACH TAIL. Water knots are known to loosen under cycling. A solid stopper knot prevents this. Nonetheless, inspect the knots thoroughly before each use, just to be sure.

Joining something like this with a purely friction knot is kind of sketchy to my mind, but friction knots see a lot of other uses in climbing as well (clove hitch, prussik/klemheist/et al), so I am open to persuasion by someone who knows the situation better than I.

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