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Nov 9, 2007, 4:11 AM

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Re: [flint] 60 meter fall (fall factor 1); will a 10.5mm rope hold?
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flint wrote:
Do they not teach you math, physics or engineering in the Navy... Some days I am so ashamed of my passport.

OK to the topic. You get a factor one fall at 40m when you fall 20m. This is because you have fallen half the length of the rope you have out. So lets simplify it and say you divided 20 by 40 and you got .5

Now, if you were to jump off a bridge with a 60m rope, you would also be falling the full 60m length... Causing a factor 2 fall, or 60 divided by 60 = 1

This is completely different as I hope this simplified example has shown. No the guys at petzl are pretty sharp at what they do...

Please don't bungee on your climbing rope... Amazing how much someone can learn from the names of the items they purchase... It is a CLIMBING rope, not a climbing/bungee rope.


The fall you described (bold is mine) only generates a FF of 1, as your math showed. Where do you get a FF of two?

To create a FF of 2 you have to fall twice the distance of the rope out. So if the guy attached the rope at street level then climbed 60 meters up the bridge supports and took a whip he would be looking at a FF of 2. 120 meter fall divided by the 60 meters of rope = 2

I think your attitude was a little harsh to have given the wrong answer to the mans question. Perhaps the low levels of oxygen up on that high horse are causing your problems in math?

Edited to add: OP, I would guess that the rope would hold atleast one of those jumps but you will quickly trash the thing. DONT DO IT, BUY A BUNGEE CORD. (Emphasis on the period)

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