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Re: [qwert] Carabiner and quickdraw FAQ *draft*
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The Gear-Heads carabiner and quickdraw FAQ

What is this FAQ for?
This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is trying to answer some of the recurring questions about carabiners and quickdraws. Today we climbers are in the lucky situation to be able to choose between various carabiners. there are dozens of manufacturers out there, each again with a handful of different carabiners. Not only do they come in different colors, they also come in various sizes and forms.

This FAQ should be a help in finding out which type of carabiner is used for what purpose, and the what pros and cons of the various carabiner types are.

With this you should be able to find out which carabiner you should get. I will often make mention of carabiners by name and by brand, and if i say "the Wild Country Helium is one of the best all purpose carabiners out there" you can surely take this as a suggestion, but the goal of this FAQ is not to come to the conclusion "get carabiner XX by brand YY, because it is the best carabiner for everything of all time ...", since a lot of this is about personal preference. As mentioned, the goal is to give an overview about what is available, and what does what.

Climbing is dangerous!!
Im trying to give the best advice i can, but i could be wrong. And even if all i tell you is right, you could still die climbing. All this climbing is dangerous stuff that comes with your gear is there for a reason. Take this advices seriously! You should not take this FAQ as your only source. the internet is a great thing, and you can get a lot of valuable information, but it is no replacement for proper training and a good book. If you're new to climbing, take a course first, read on the subject, find someone experienced to go out with and so on. Whatever you are doing, use your brain, be careful and double check everything thats important.

Im not responsible for your actions. If you fuck it up, you're on your own!!

With that out of the way, here is a list about what I'm trying to answer in this FAQ:

  • What types of carabiners are there, what are they used for and which ones should i get?
  • What types of quickdraws are there, what are they used for and which ones should i get?
  • What is the difference between cheap and expensive stuff?
  • Can carabiners still break?

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