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Jun 24, 2008, 1:01 PM

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Re: [angry] BD harness gear loop broke; cams fell.
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angry wrote:
Like Beatlejuice?

Trango Trango Trango....

Malcolm knows better than to defend or promote his products on this board. He tells it like it is and spreads info. If it convinces you to buy something, well that's your problem.

Mal is a stand up guy. He's of the mold Chris Harmston used to fill on the old rec.climbing. The guy from Omega Pacific seems to be a stand up guy too.

I appreciate gear mfgs who don't turn every post into a sales pitch and post up what is in effect insider information to the benefit of us all.

Thanks Malcom.

Oh, once decending from Charlotte Dome I butt scootched to the edge of a ledge and then hopped down to a sloping exfoliation slab maybe 5 feet lower.

Only a rear loop of my Misty Mtn harness caught on some knob or something. Suddenly I was dangling there off the back of my harness, 3 feet off the ground. Then just as suddently the thing broke. Some slings went flying and so did I. Luckily my cat-like reflexes (since slowed to slug-like pulsations) prevented me from tumbling down many hundreds of feet of ever steepening exfoliation slab.

Ever since I've been a lot more aware of those gear loops and their strength (and propensity to get hung up on things).

My first couple of harnesses had no gear loops kids! They used to be considered somewhat superfulous, then a luxury and now they are a given.

Go figger.


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