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Jul 13, 2008, 12:44 PM

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Re: [pico23] Elinchrom SkyPorts
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The RP's units will work with Nikon or Canon, which would cover about 99% of the people who would need something like them, I would think. I also have PW's for my White Lightnings (used them at a wedding Saturday), and to me, the poppers and pw/sky ports, etc are two totally different things/ideas/concepts. The RP's really shine in dynamic situations, or where you don't or can't really spend the time to set things up. I have used them on a few shoots now, and really love them (enough that I will now be paying for a third person at weddings to just hold the light stick). I can work almost like I do with on camera flash, but with the look and power of a remote flash. I don't have to mess around with getting the *right* combo of settings like with the PW and manual flash. Which is nice when you are doing casual engagement sessions and want to keep the flow going, or if the light and flash to subject distance is changing.

The other really cool thing, and something that I also use if the situation requires, is I can use the flashes in full manual with the RP, and, I can change the power setting on the remote from the on camera flash, which again, makes things move much quicker and allowing better results.

I kinda like HSS, and it works just fine for me. Same with E-TTL: once you learn it's quirks, it is pretty predictable.

The one, real drawback is the $$$. Buying new, you would spend around $1,000.00 for a canon flash RP setup, since you need a 580ex II as master and at least a 430 ex as a slave. You can find some bargains used though. And I have heard the RP will work with the on camera pop up flash for the nikon users, so you would just need the remote flash. This isn't much of an issue to me though, since I already have and use the 580 series flashes, though I am also probably going to buy another 580 to use as more a dedicated remote, and maybe another receiver so I can use two remotes.

If you are into, or want to get into, off camera strobes, and you use canon/nikon, I really recommend trying the rp's out. You can use full manual, strobist style if you want, or if you know or are OK learning, Ettl, then you can do some cool work.

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