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Sep 13, 2008, 2:19 PM

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Re: [squierbypetzl] Guía de Vocabulario / Vocabulary Guide
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kevanrobitaille wrote:

Knot: Nudo
Tight: Apretado
Loose: suelto
Rope: Soga, cuerda
(to) fit: Ajustarse
(to) wrap: Envolver
(to) cross: Cruzarse
(to) tie: atar (tie together) - Enlazar
(to) twist: Torcerse N. Torcimiento
(to) follow: Siguirse
(to) pull: Tirar (??)
(to) push: Empujar
piece: Pieza
rubber: (of shoe) caucho
(to) cross : Cruzarse
(to) stand: Poner (stand up, Poner derecho)
(to) Focus: (??) concentrarse
Knee: Rodilla
Elbow: Codo
Wrist: Muñeca
Tendon: Tendón
Ankle: Tobillo
Heel: (of foot) talón (of shoe) Tacón
(to) fall: Caerse N. Caída
(to) hurt: Hacer daño a... , lastimar.
(to) injure: Lesionar, Injury: Lesión
Rapell: Rapelear

kattagorri wrote:
Loose: flojo ("suelto" is more like "free, untight")
Rubber: caucho, goma ("goma" is more colloquial)
Rappel: rapelar
Anchor: seguro (bolts...)
reunión (anchor system for belaying)

You have translated some verbs using the reflexive. As you have the infinitival TO you should translate them into Spanish with the infinitive. Using the reflexive will depend on the context.Wink

Here are some more words:

Sling: cinta espres; espres; cinta
Harness: arnés
Carabiner: mosquetón
Locking carabiner: mosquetón de cierre, mosquetón con seguro.
Nuts: fisureros, empotradores
Cams: friends (English word!!)
Pitons: clavos
Expansion bolt: parabol(t)
Bolt hanger: chapa
Gri-gri: gri-gri, grillo
Lead: de primero
Follow: de segundo
Toprope: toprope, cuerda por arriba
Aid-climbing (=bi wall?): escalada artificial
Sport climbing: escalada deportiva ( a more colloquial word "hacer friqui")
Trad-climbing: escalada de largos, escalada en pared, (alpino?)

kevanrobitaille wrote:
Hey great thanks for the corrections! I wasnt sure if flojo or goma were the proper words to use, good to know.

Ha...i think its pretty funny that for Aid-climbing you say escalada artificial!

I put the infinitive '"to" in brackets, and translated using the reflexive so people remember that, depending on context, they can be reflexive too . (Very confusing stuff for English speakers!)

squierbypetzl wrote:
Obviously slang and jargon differ from place to place.

Anchor: anclaje, reuniòn
Chains: cadenas

Mantle: mantle
Crimp: regleta, crimp (v. crimpear)
Pinch: pinza (v. pinzar)
Sloper: sloper, slop
Rock!!: Piedra!!
Slack!: Cuerda! Dame cuerda!
Tension!: Ténsame!
Lower me: bájame
Pull me: jálame
to Lead: puntear, escalar de punta
to Belay: asegurar, dar belay
Handhold: agarre
Foothold: pisadera
Dyno: dinàmico, lance
Rest: descanso (v. descansar)

Blood: sangre
Blister: ampolla
Calluse: callo
Fingernail: uña

lagr01 wrote:
Toprope is also known as Piñata

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