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Nov 22, 2008, 9:06 PM

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Re: [warbonnetguyde] polyester webbing?
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warbonnetguyde wrote:
anybody using anything other than nylon webbing? i used polyester webbing recently and found it to work great. polyester stretches ALOT less than nylon, so it doesn't require as much pre-tensioning to get it tight enough. it seemed to feel just like a nylon webbing as far bounce and feel. it made setup alot easier because i didn't have go go through such an epic to get it tight enough.

has anybody used spectra webbing?

i noticed dean potter walking a blue rope in that abc wide world of sports segment. does anybody know what kind of rope it was?

I've done a lot of testing with polyester webbing (among others). I feel that it is strongly suited for anchoring webbing, but it may not be suitable for main line use depending on the intended usage. Yes, it works just fine, but since you get almost no stretch it doesn't soften the arcs on big surfing and is often very harsh on the feet for large jumps. For my usage, I found it most ideal for minimally tensioned short lines or really long lines. I did not like it at all for jump lines.

Unless you want to walk thin lines, spectra just gets very expensive without any real improvements. Yes, it's much stronger, but with proper rigging you don't need that extra strength.

As far as Potter's rope, I believe it's the Amsteel Blue which is a 100% dyneema rope. I've got plenty laying around.

It's interesting stuff, but it doesn't work so great for backing up highlines and such in my opinion. It's plenty strong but since it has such little stretch, when paired with webbing that does stretch you end up just walking on the rope. If you are solely walking it, then the issue is moot, but you have to be careful about dynamic falls on a static line.

Either way, it's always fun to try out new stuff to walk on and static rope has it's place and I do walk on it every now and then.

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