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Nov 23, 2008, 3:06 AM

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Re: [wanderlustmd] RIP stymingersfink aka:daryn smith
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wanderlustmd wrote:
Thought about Daryn the other day while driving through Castle Valley, heading home from my road trip. His last email to me ended with "The thing about opportunities is, they don't come around too often." I think about that often, and it pushes me during those times when I'm not at 100%.

We miss ya, dude.

Thanks for sharing. He's quite right of course.

We miss him alright, I think about him too, especially when I come on here. I should think he'd be happy to know we are all thinking of him and aren't likely to forget him, not that he'd be one to forget Smile

When I went through a bad patch he was very supportive, between my job change, and shared the anger of it all, but gave good advice too, bless him, e.g. that last job I was happy to walk from and not see those useless bad managers ever again; but he encouraged me to meet with them anyway with the Union as the Union wanted me to and tell them what I felt strongly about etc, he was right of course, and I fed it all back to him after, I left with a good payout etc so it was all wise words.

Amusingly, whenever there was a gap between interacting with Sty, I'd message him, and at the same time he'd say I was just about to do the same thing.

Well one of his last emails to me was more worrying, he'd been busy driving a lot with his work, around Idaho around that time, not getting much rest from what I gather, or not enough time to go climbing, though he was still managing to fit that in as I remember him telling me one day he was going to wait for his friend to show up for a climb the next morning. He'd also recently moved.

This was the 2nd to last email I received from him, on Aug 14th after I'd asked how he'd been? I liked his joking humour that still shone through despite the worrying side of things, and of course I understood what he meant - his end sentence at the bottom.

"... things been going uh... well? Crazy

About three weeks ago, my roommate found me in bed in the middle of a seizure, She called the medics, they came and assessed my situation, recommended I go to the hospital and get checked out. So, my other roommate drove me to the hospital, where they gave me a CT scan and did some blood work. CT showed no tumors, bloodwork showed nothing unusual. I was referred to a neurologist for follow-up.

I visited a neurologist the following week, and after going through his assessment, he figured that I the seizure was brought on by a long-term lack of sleep quality/quantity. With the statistic that 50% of people who experience a seizure never experience another one, he recommended that I work on getting more and better sleep, but that if I have another seizure I'll have to go on anti-seizure meds and we'll dig deeper.


Well, the sleep thing has been a long-running thing for me, ever since my little Yosemite experience in the fall of '05 ...

Where you been lately? Busy with the new jorb, you take a wee bit of a climbing vacation, or just a vacation from this particular form of idiocy? Tongue

You do realize what I was inferring with my cut short "puking" comment, right? Angelic

I can't buy a pack of smokes without runnin' into nine guys you f¤cked! "

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