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Dec 22, 2008, 12:16 PM

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Re: [shimmer] "Do you know how to rock climb?" *blank stare*
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shimmer wrote:
I've mentioned before that I work in a gym...yay for spending my weekends teaching parents how to avoid dropping their precious little darlings and frat boys how to avoid killing themselves.
There's one thing I keep running into though, and I need new answers (the more realistically ludicrous the better) because the one I generally use is getting stale.
Usually the exchange goes something like this:

Big Strong Man: "So, you know how to rock climb?"

Lil Ol' Me: "What? Like up the walls? Really? OMGOSH I dunno, because like...I know...there's something about the tape you're like...I think you're supposed to follow that like...*points* up, and stuff, but...there are just so many colors on the wall, I like...I touch one of the holds and think about climbing and I get just overwhelmed!!! I mean...SO MANY CHOICES OMGOSH!!"

BSM: "Wow. Yeah, I totally understand that. So how hard can you climb? Like...which wall gives you problems?"

LOM: "Oh man, the more tape there is the just...I get overwhelmed, that's all."

BSM: *swooping in to save the day* "Well, if you ever want a partner or someone to cheer you on or teach you, I'd be glad to give you a couple of pointers..."

LOM: "I'll keep that in mind."

I need new answers. I wouldn't even resort to the above exchange if I didn't get it EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND.

I had trouble reading that without thinking BDSM every time I read BSM.

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