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Dec 22, 2008, 2:26 PM

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Re: [rokklym] Strobist Has Gone Mad!!
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rokklym wrote:
What I got out of that when I read it was that a lot of pros can't shoot what they want to shoot because that's not whats paying the bills. Its just like being a climbing guide, you get into it because you love it, but then it becomes a job and you can no longer get out and do what you want.

I got the same thing.

I was once hazed on another forum because I said, I never had any desire to be a "professional" photographer, as if that meant my photos were better or worse. I always have to explain this to my in-laws when I do a paid shoot and they say, "oh thats good, maybe it will lead to something bigger, isn't that really what you want to be doing." No, not at all. Not if it sucks the enjoyment out of something I get immense satisfaction from regardless of if there is a check waiting for me at the end of the process!

The reason was, freelancing, and picking my own subjects like picking prime cherries out of a bin was far better than having to do exactly what I was told.

So while I do do some paid stuff with rules (mostly sports), most of my stuff is sold to people who are interested in the print, stock news agencies, etc. If I make enough money per year to cover my gear, and expenses related to photography I am happy. The truth is I'd still be a photographer if I made $0 a year because it's largely a hobby, a hobby that I'd like to pay for itself.

This allows me to do whatever I want, and I have no pressure.

I never envied the guy that is told exactly what to shoot and how to shoot it, even if photography is his career, and the only income he lived off of.

And in the media room at many large events, I hear some of the best photogs in my region bitch and moan about how they were sent to do this and that (such as shoot a house fire hours after it was out, just because the editor had nothing else for them to do).

So I understand what he's saying, but at the same time, it's antithesis of what most pros believe. Afterall, isn't being a pro essentially being continuously employed and having a steady stream of income? Any job that allows that is subject to the management of the person paying!!

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