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Feb 3, 2009, 11:55 PM

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Re: [Wolfman777] Please bring back the killfile
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I would think angry is first on many people's list.

As to working on it?

I don't think these ideas are good if it just means people like angry get to abuse it for their own nasty gratification. The star rating one sucks, this site is going down the pan if these are the silly ideas that are coming out, leave the site alone.

Kill files should be there for the right reasons, e.g. to block people like, e.g. angry, when you can't be bothered to respond to the petty comments of his posts.
They should not be there just to have e.g. angry and his other sick friends join in against someone just for the hell of it. Is that guy really going to become a nurse, well good luck to him as I doubt he will get past the first year given his attitude. If it's a good school they'll pick up on that right away.

Back to topic, kill file should not be there just as someone may not like something that is posted. But wtf! we all have to suffer at what e.g. angry posts out, just look at his crazy pathetic reaction to the climbing with baby thread, among others. Yet we don't all like what comes from him either so what's the difference, apart from we don't all react to a post we dislike quite as immaturely as he does?

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