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Feb 4, 2009, 11:36 AM

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Re: [jt512] Carabiner and quickdraw FAQ *draft*
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jt512 wrote:
As far as I can tell, there is no reason to have the first two sections at all. Everybody knows what a FAQ is, and the title of the FAQ implies the what the scope of the FAQ (at least it would if you change the word "biner" to "crabiner," since not every n00b who might look at the FAQ will necessarily have heard the word "biner" before). At most, use one or two sentence to succinctly state the scope of the FAQ.
I think it is a good idea to give a short overview about what this FAQ tries to accomplish. What could be bad about it?

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I don't see why you need the disclaimer at all.
I also dont know why one would need that, but it makes me sleep better at night. somehow i feel its necessary, with all that warning labels on everything, and the fact that noone wants to take responsibility for ones actions. Its spreading world wide, but especially with the american sueing culture i feel its necessary.

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Formatting: For the third or fourth time: Don't start a new line unless you are starting a new paragraph, and then leave exactly one blank line (that is, double space) between parargraphs.
you have a point there. I have tried it already (its quoted in one of my posts above), and you are right. I just have to figure out which paragraphs to kill, and wich ones to make more visible. I think i also should ad some headings.

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Since you are stating prices in American dollars and cents, use the American format for dollar amounts, eg, $15.25, not 15,25$, or whatever it is you Euros do.

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Bullet points. You have too many blank lines between bullet points. Either single space them or double space space them. Pick one style and stick with it.
That seems to be an issue with the forum software.

|ul| |li| Sample Text |/li| |/ul|  
|ul| |li| Sample Text |/li| |/ul|

turns to
  • Sample Text

  • Sample Text

(and the code tags do nothing on the forum code and also spaces in code gets ignored. the | in the code is supposed to be [ and ])
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Capitalization of headers. Either capitalize every word (except for standard non-capitalized little words) or capitalize just the first word. Pick one style and stick with it. And what about the title? Why is "Gear-Heads" capitalized but not "Biner" or "Quickdraw."

Finally, spell check the damn thing!

The capitalization thing goes together with the spelling: I am a moron when it comes to that. I will try to put it all into an editor and let a spellcheck run over it, and try to read through it again at some point.

Finally is there a way to add an index of the headers, and make the headers links that lead to the sections?


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