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Feb 17, 2009, 12:20 AM

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View of couples who stay together for childs sake..
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What are your view on that one out of interest?

I've a friend who is doing this, their child is aged 2, he said he married too fast before getting to know her properly. Very brave if you ask me! I always woke up more the more serious a relationship got for me, and usually scared off straight after I woke up.. heh!

Still I guess that saved me Tongue

But my parents did that, well my Dad did as I remember he kept saying when we were old enough he'd leave as he'd had enough at the time, they did not get along for some years due to 'things'. However, when we left home, they came back together in time and are as they were when they first met.. as close as ever, that part did surprise me I have to say.

So! on the one hand I see how it is good, for the child.

On the other hand I see how it is not, for the couple, and not always for the child either if parents do not get along.

In his case, they do get along, just nothing in common is what he told me.

I suggested marriage councelling in his case, as it doesn't sound too bad from where I am sitting.

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