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Mar 10, 2009, 12:21 PM

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Re: [lena_chita] Climbing Harder than your Boyfriend
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lena_chita wrote:
camhead wrote:
I've always wondered why most pro-climber couples ALWAYS have the husband climbing harder. Wills Young sends most stuff that Lisa Rands has. Caldwell climbs harder than Rodden unless it is a crack that is too thin for him. Potter climbs harder than Davis. Hell, even news blurbs on Josune Bereziartu, who is probably the strongest female in the world, almost always mention that her husband Ricardo Ortegi usually sends the same stuff that she does.

Lynn Hill is the only exception I can think of.

When you look at the top-of-the-pile athletes, there are more males than females climbing hard, so if you take 1% of top-climbing males, and 1% of top-climbing females, even by random pairing, statistically speaking, you would get most couples where a guy climbs stronger than a girl.

But of course, it isn't done by random pairing. Smile

I think when you look at the elite atheletes in most sports the men outperform the women. That may be a function of the sports having been developed by men for men, of course. I'm not sure which sports could be added to change that, but I did read once that women outperform men in ultra-marathons 9100 miles, for instance), and they tend to widen the gap the longer the distance.

As far as pairing goes, I'm sure that is not random, though I doubt it is all about the men choosing weaker women. I sometimes think women choose men stronger than them just as often. For instance, how many 6' tall women do you see dating 5'7" men? I can tell you first hand that it doesn't happen often. Frown

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